Swift Boating New Mexico

Laura Sanchez
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Jim Bibb’s haircut is one of the highlights of Election 2006.
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The swift boats are hauling Republican cash up the Rio Grande from Texas, according to an Oct. 11 Santa Fe New Mexican article on campaign contributions for the quarter just passed (sorry, no link).

Mega-stars of the money marathon are Houston businessman Bob Perry and his lovely wife, Doylene. The article says, "Perry was a major contributor to the controversial Swiftboat Veterans for Truth, which in 2004 attacked Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry’s military record."

These paragons of Truth, Justice and the American Way have dumped a total of $50,000 into Republican Jim Bibb’s race for Attorney General against Democrat Gary King. This would be Jim Bibb of the Alfalfa haircut, who is disgusted–disgusted!–by corruption in New Mexico.

Republican candidate for Secretary of State Vickie Perea also received $25,000 from Bob and another $25,000 from Doylene to run against Democrat Mary Herrera.

Republican candidate for State Treasurer Demesia Padilla also got her combined $50,000 from the Perrys to take on Democrat James Lewis. However, poor Lorenzo Garcia, Republican candidate for State Auditor, only got $10,000 from Bob and Doylene.

Gee, let’s put on our thinking caps and try to figure out why these Houston plutocrats have poured $160,000 into trying to control New Mexico’s offices overseeing land use, elections, money and bookkeeping.
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