Take That, Brad Winter!

Tim McGivern
2 min read
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I'll say this about Mayor Chavez. He might be a vindictive guy, but at least he's transparent about it. Today he announced that he's going to use his line-item veto power to spike $7.2 million out of the capital fund that had been earmarked for a community center in the Northeast Heights. That means this money will not be included in the $120 million (or thereabouts) worth of municipal bonds that will be voted on Oct. 4. Guess who's district the community center would have been in? Mr. Brad Winter.

Marty is doing this for purely political reasons and with no regard for the people of Winter's district who would benefit. He basically said so as much at his press conference this morning. What's even funnier (to me anyway, since I don't live in Winter's district) is that the funds were put into the budget by Marty. That's right, it appears Marty vetoed a line-item in his own proposed budget just to be spiteful kinda guy. How brilliant is that?

Expect to see more info on this in tomorrow morning's Journal. I'm betting that Brad Winter will express his disappointment, call Marty vindictive in some mild-mannered way,, and his campaign staff will all be looking at him like: “Dude, take off the gloves!” And Brad will be like: “That's not my style.”

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