Tang That’s Good!

Abi Blueher
2 min read
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All three are powdered, orange-flavored and all you have to do is add 8 oz. of water to consume them. Tang is good, Metamucil is second to it, and in last place is Walgreen’s 100% Natural Fiber/Smooth Texture/Orange Flavor powder. Why have I tried all three and know the difference? It was a long weekend with nothing better to do but try all three with some friends. Tang is the easiest to get down. It isn’t grainy and the taste is bold and fresh, as fresh as orange-flavored powder can be. Metamucil is a close second. Not only does Metamucil taste almost exactly like Tang, but if you need help with regularity, it’s there to lend a hand and all you need to do is add water. The reason it comes in second is because it is a bit grainy and it separates a little if you do not stir it constantly while you drink it.

Now for the worst of them all—it really shouldn’t be in the same category as the two fantastic orange powders listed above—Walgreen’s take on something beautiful: 100% Natural Fiber/Smooth Texture/Orange Flavor powder. When one tries to mix this heinous powdered concoction, one gets a nauseating glass of gross. It separates and there is no way of stopping it from doing this. The bottom layer is a thick, gelatinous, grainy sludge and the top is a watery substance with a hint of orange coloring. Neither layer had any flavor remotely similar to orange. So, there you have it, like you’ve always wanted it.
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