Tegan And Sara

Simon McCormack
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Tegan and Sara
Tegan and Sara
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Indie princesses Tegan and Sara played to a packed house at the Sunshine Theater the night before last. Their tightly wound, two-and-a-half minute songs were precisely delivered without a lot of showy theatrics. The twin sister duo seemed genuinely appreciative of the shrieks from the crowd that greeted every song’s end.

T&S inserted little comic rants into their set, one of which came when Sara saw a woman in the crowd perched on her boyfriend’s shoulders. "That seems like something our mom would do," Sara said. "She’d tell our step-dad, ‘Hey Bruce, that looks like fun. Lift me up on your shoulders!’ But, when you’re a girl who doesn’t like guys, you’re like, ‘come on man, you just want to be near my vagina."

When the show ended, T&S were treated to a roaring ovation that engulfed them as they waved frantically and walked off stage. Hopefully they’ll return soon.
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