Telling Secrets

Christie Chisholm
2 min read
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Lately, I have become uncomfortably entrenched in the world of Stumble [Blog, “Stumbling into Bizarro World,” August 2]. But my lame addiction does yield some useful results. I found this webpage [] the other night during a quick dip into cyberspace. It's a blog that some guy started that does nothing but “post” postcards that people send him with secrets written on their backsides. Some are sad, some are uplifting and others tinge on the darker side.

But even if you're not contemplating authoring your own, I think the site is a fascinating example of what the Internet is becoming … and what it has the potential to be. Through this medium, people can now purge some of their deepest, darkest secrets with total anonymity … an exercise that is, if nothing else, relieving, and has the potential to be lifesaving.

On that note, I'm including the contact information for the Agora Crisis Center, just in case anyone out there feels the need to talk. It's always OK to talk.

Agora Crisis Center


Located in the Psychology clinic just west of Dane Smith Hall on the UNM campus

Walk-in Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Helpline Hours: 9 a.m. to midnight

You can also get access to a host of other services available in the city through their website [].

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