Thank God I Have A Remote

Amy Dalness
2 min read
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I don’t watch TV much. I’m not slamming the boob tube, there’s just nothing on TV that I must see. (Devin knows what I’m talking about.)

But there was a time when I couldn’t be pulled from the glow of my 13-inch screen—the days of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Oh my, how that show made me laugh. I love improv and comedy, so Whose Line became a quick addiction for me. (The American version not the British. I tried to watch the British version on Comedy Central, but it was just annoying—OK, Tony Slattery was annoying.) Since Whose Line was canceled, my improv obsession has lacked a prime time fix.

Well, thank god "Thank God You’re Here" came around. And by "thank god" I mean, what were they thinking? I caught about five minutes of the show last night during a rare channel flipping moment (OK, I was watching Americas Next Top Model … ) and it was excruciating. The idea is one actor walks into a scene without any knowledge of what’s going on, who he is or where the sketch is going. The result is supposed to be funny, clever and hilarious (see Whose Line above), but it’s really just bad sketch comedy made worse by an actor who is totally clueless. What makes improv work is the ability for the whole cast to work together to build the story—not to trick one guy into making an ass of himself while he gropes for lines to fit into a preconceived sketch. I miss Whose Line …
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