Thanksgiving Alternatives

Burque Restaurants Serve Up Your Favorite Turkey Day Dishes And Then Do The Dishes!

Emily Aragon
1 min read
Thanksgiving Alternatives
Perfectly cooked—by somebody else (U.S. Department of Agriculture)
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Sick of wrangling a 12-pound bird into the oven, being confined to your kitchen for 7 hours and then desperately attempting to keep your toddler from giving his perfectly cooked yams to the dog every November? Well, the restaurants of the Duke city feel your pain and have come to the rescue. From casinos to buffets to fine dining, your favorite local spots are dishing up classy, tasty and festive spreads. Check out our Thanksgiving food calendar for times and menu information. Most sit-down meals require reservations, so give them a call to make sure it’s not all gobbled up before you get there.
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