The Afterlife Of Albuquerque Bars And Restaurants: Part Ii

Laura Marrich
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The Afterlife of Albuquerque Bars and Restaurants: Part II
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Hallelujah! My Sisyphusian task of sorting through the Alibi’s ancient calendar contact records is completed. As promised, here’s the second half of the extinct places I shook loose from our database, and what’s become of them since. (The first half is here. … And I knocked it down from 989 records to 650 on the nose, in unlikely event you were wondering.)


Rio Grande Yacht Club –> ?

Rio Grande Cantina –> St. Clair Winery & Bistro

Café Broadway –> Several places, all gone now

Café Voila –> ?

Town House Lounge –> Still empty

Café Next Door (it was next door to Brothers and Sisters) –> Still empty

Copeland’s Restaurant –> Still empty

Johnny Carino’s –> 1st location (next to Sweet Tomatoes) empty, second (Century Rio lot) is Nick + Jimmy’s (from Yanni’s)

Gin Mill –> looks like a "discount steakhouse" has opened there

Café Riviera –> several galleries/cafes, all closed now

La Siringitu –> Wimpy Burger –> Little Red Hamburger Hut

Mr. K’s Chinese Restaurant (formerly New Chinatown) –> empty

Blue Corn Tap Room –> Chama River Tap Room

Jamaica Jamaica –> New "bistro" of some sort

Graze (and Kanome before that) –> Nob Hill Bar and Grill

Relaxations –> A boxing gym?

Mediterranean Café –> Quesada’s

Alfredo’s Coffeehouse –> empty

Marty G.’s Diner –> I think this later became that Hot Diggity Dog place over on North Second, which is also long-gone


Blu (the back half of Pulse, totally 80s) –> empty

Empire ( + G-Spot Lounge) –> half of O’Neill’s

Albuquerque Mining Company –> empty

The Phoenix –> ?

District Bar & Grill –> empty

Swig (Santa Fe) –> uh, Fusion Restaurant & Night Club? No idea.

Gulp –> Nob Hill Bar and Grill

Harlow’s on the Hill (which was Club Rhythm & Blues before that) –> Obama for President HQ, now empty

Ground Zero –> ?

Bear Assets Bar –> I just talked to Joe Anderson about this place. He mentioned he’s working on a new venue there. Gutting the place. Installing live American roots music like blues, Rockabilly. That part of town could really use a good neighborhood joint at night.

Nuts and Bolts –> ?

Art, Performance

Laffs Comedy Club –> empty

Out ch’Yonda –> empty?

Hiland Theater –> giant meth lab

Gorilla Tango Comedy Theatre –> Village Roaster Coffee

Donkey Gallery –> empty. (and Larry Bob moved to Cruces)

Sol Arts –> Cirq

Windchime Champagne Gallery –> Empty

VERB Collective –> See "Cafe Riviera"

STOVE –> Black Market Goods

The Agency –> looks like someone’s doing something in there. Anyone got any leads?


Red or Green? –> more tattoos?

Alphaville Video –> Heart + Soul salon

The Cigar Lounge –> empty

Hunab Hookah Lounge –> See VERB Collective, Cafe Riviera
The Afterlife of Albuquerque Bars and Restaurants: Part II

The Afterlife of Albuquerque Bars and Restaurants: Part II

The Afterlife of Albuquerque Bars and Restaurants: Part II

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