The Bobster Comes To Town

Steven Robert Allen
1 min read
Dylan doesn’t look anything like this anymore.
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I know, I know—nothing sounds quite as square as admitting you actually like Bob Dylan’s music; except perhaps using the expression “square” in the first place. I don’t care, though. I’m putting it out there anyway.

Last time I saw Dylan in concert, which I believe was my ninth time, it was at Tingley Coliseum. I think I paid 60 bucks a pop, and the show was terrible beyond words. Awful mushy sound. Weeny band. An infuriating experience from start to finish. I really didn’t enjoy any of it.

He’s coming back to town again on Sunday, July 22, though, for a show at the Journal Pavilion. Actual seats are only $33.50 to $53.50. Lawn seats are an astonishing $14. $14! I’m there! Tickets go on sale next Friday, June 8, at

By the way, the new album is fantastic. I don’t care what that nimrod Jerry Cornelius says about it.
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