The Breakdown

Christie Chisholm
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The Breakdown
(Marisa Demarco)
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The Democrats are sweeping the state races. Here are the winners and their respective percentage points as they stand now, according to unofficial NM Secretary of State and Bernalillo County Clerk numbers.


Barack Obama, Democrat—Won, 54.4% in NM (
Alibi endorsed)

U.S. Senate

Tom Udall, Democrat—Won, 59.1% (
Alibi endorsed)

U.S. Congress, District 1

Martin Heinrich, Democrat—Won, 57.2% (
Alibi endorsed)

U.S. Congress, District 2

Harry Teague, Democrat—Won, 52% (
Alibi endorsed)

U.S. Congress, District 3

Ben R. Luján, Democrat—Won, 54.3% (
Alibi endorsed)

Public Regulation Commission, District 1

Jason Marks, Democrat—Won, 59.4% (
Alibi endorsed)

Bernalillo County Clerk

Maggie Toulouse Oliver, Democrat—Won, 64.43% (
Alibi endorsed)

Bernalillo County Treasurer

Patrick Padilla, Democrat—Won, 61.41% (
Alibi endorsed)

District Attorney

Kari Brandenburg, Democrat—Won, 58.9%

Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority, District 1

Danny Hernandez—Won, 65.54% (
Alibi endorsed)

Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority, District 2

Dan Lyon—Won, 63.15% (
Alibi endorsed)

Constitutional Amendments

The Secretary of State hasn’t released results for these yet, but here are the percentages according to the Bernalillo County Clerk.

One—Lost, 50.09%

Two—Lost, 79.29% (
Alibi didn’t endorse)

Three—Won, 69.01% (
Alibi endorsed)

Four—Won, 75.39% (
Alibi endorsed)

Five—Won, 67.28%


All statewide and Bernalillo County bonds and the AMAFCA bond passed. The
Alibi endorsed all of them.

Bernalillo Gross Receipts Tax

Passed, 53.44% (
Alibi endorsed)

Overall, the
state Senate and House of Representative races are going to the Democrats. You can read full results for your district here.
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