The Daily Word 01.01.09

Erin Adair-Hodges
1 min read
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Happy 2009! Go USA! Wait, Australia got there first? Dammit!

Five worst types of New Year’s parties. Hope yours wasn’t number 3.

It could be worse. Illinois Gov. Blagojevich could offer you a Senate seat.
This man turned it down.

As of today,
minimum wage in New Mexico is $7.50. Or, as I like to call it, a burrito grande.

Virginity pledges as effective as just seeing what happens.

Sarah Palin’s daughter
Bristol names her new baby boy Tripp.

Which makes Sarah Palin now a
GILF at 44.

And what have
we as women learned in 2008? Plenty about pantyliners and foot insoles.

This 88-year-old woman gave naked intruder a good squeezing.

celebrity predictions for 2009.
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