The Daily Word 01.02.08

Christie Chisholm
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How did some of the biggest news stories of the year turn out?

Sen. Ben Altamirano’s possible

ethics hearing for the APS administrator who changed a student’s grade nears. Meanwhile, the state secretary of education recuses herself from the case.

France bans

A national park in Chile was evacuated for fear that a
volcano would erupt.

Huckabee decides to take the high road … then doesn’t, after all.

This study says minorities are less likely to get
painkillers in emergency rooms than white people.

Late-night talk shows return tonight, bring with them a ton of picketers.

Another thing to worry about: Could sleep trouble lead to

Wired’s 10 favorite
illustrations of 2007.

Also, the top 10
scientific breakthroughs of 2007.

Antartica teeming with life?

The Doomsday seed bank.
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