The Daily Word 01.08.09

Erin Adair-Hodges
1 min read
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Obama warns Congress that if they don’t approve his economic package, things will really go to crap.

Mayor Marty goes to Washington, asking for a piece of the pie.

Larry Flynt (“Hustler”) and Joe Francis (“Girls Gone Wild”) also
interested in a package that stimulates. No word on whether the three above gentlemen are going to hang out, eat wings.

You know where it’s not so bad?

Did you know there’s something called the
People’s Choice Awards? I thought that was the election, but this is something Kid Rock was at.

Peaceful protest over a young man’s shooting by police officers in Oakland turns violent.

Old People News: Breaking news straight from forwarded e-mails.

Proof of Creation!
New pink lizard species found on Galapagos. God just keeps cranking out the creations!

Man wants kidney he donated to wife as part of divorce settlement.

New super-insulting judge on “Top Chef” mean, British, not Simon Cowell.
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