The Daily Word 01.09.09

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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Bill Richardson gave money to the Illinois governor’s re-election campaign.

The House of Reps in Illinois wants to
impeach said governor, who is accused of trying to sell Obama’s vacated Senate seat.

Layoffs at the Albuquerque Journal .

bystander-recorded footage of the Oakland shooting that spurred a riot.

Don’t look: Unemployment hits
16-year high. (But it’s bringing oil prices down.)

Passenger jets can run on

Atheist messages on the busses in London.

Bush is just a
West Texas girl.

Cuba’s revolution
turns 50.

Death-row inmate eats his
only good eye.

In grosser news: What
Perez Hilton thinks of Anderson Cooper, by Michael Musto. Ugh.
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