The Daily Word 01.12.09

Nick Brown
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Earth may be entering a new Ice Age.

Would you rather have a
tiny Toyota or a flying car?

A 13-year-old boy had an awesome (but disturbed)

This list of
Golden Globe winners was somewhat hard to track down, amidst all the sites with commentary and whatnot.

Seng Han Thong was
set on fire.

Humans play tag with
sharks and land is base.

Prince Harry learns that “paki” is worse than just short for “Pakistani.”

Earthquakes in Yellowstone should have us all quaking in our boots.

Some magazine gave three
New Mexico schools silver medals in their school award thing they do to try to sell more magazines to teachers.

Love is in the air when the
machete comes out.

Beware the
broken water main at Central and Atrisco.

Shots at Lucky’s Lounge lead to a
shot in the face.

recently-deceased suspected pimp may be connected to several missing Albuquerque prostitutes.

A five-year-old
hosts a cooking show and I hope he washes his hands.

It’s Haruki Murakami’s birthday. We
interviewed him recently.
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