The Daily Word 01.17.08

Amy Dalness
1 min read
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Flu season is here.

New Mexico protesters are seeking damages for being kept further away from President Bush than his supporters.

The City Council isn’t happy about the red-light camera contract …. because it’s
not the one the council approved.

Thirty-five years after Roe v. Wade, the rate of abortions is on the decline.

Extreme Makeover: Albuquerque. (What a show that would make!)

Bush says yes to sonar, no to whales?

A cheese crisis in Italy!

Scientist in New York say they produced
cloned embryos of two men for possible stem cell research.

The White House e-mail tapes are gone due to
recycling. Go green!

cheating at Scrabulous make you smarter?

Wow, nature is amazing.
Here’s a giant palm tree that works so hard to flower, it kills itself.

Spider Man splits with Mary Jane.

A psychic monkey!
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