The Daily Word 01.17.11: Golden Globes, Steve Jobs And The Trenta.

Nick Brown
1 min read
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The Golden Globes were last night.

Steve Jobs is taking another medical leave.

200 cows died.

Only five more years until the creation of a
woolly mammoth.

Attractive people are smart.

Starbucks rolls out the

Some people were
mean to animals.

People are burning themselves in Africa.

A widow was tormented by

Jared Loughner was interested in cryptids.

moon has a solid inner core and a fluid outer core.

A man was
beaten in Barelas.

Cleveland High School officials
refused a proposed senior song.

See Koat’s
parade of mugshots.

Jason Moya was found dead in a truck.

Sophie at DCF pokes fun at
Martinez’ website.

Happy birthday,
Steve Earle.
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