The Daily Word 01.18.10: Stephen Baldwin, Death Bear And Golden Globe Winners.

Nick Brown
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Stephen Baldwin found religion.

Taliban suicide attacks killed five in Afghanistan.

Specially embossed
New Testament codes are on some US military weapons, though the military asked for plain ones.

This is the
most depressing day of the year. It’s also MLK day, by pure coincidence.

founder of Taco Bell died.

Here are the
Golden Globe winners. Was Sherlock Holmes a comedy?

last protector of Anne Frank has died.

New York’s
skinniest house sold.

Learn how to pretend like you like
Animal Collective.

Somali pirates are at it again.

Death Bear will dispose of your ex’s belongings.

Nicolas Cage has to pay $14 million in taxes.

New Mexico and Colorado were hit with an
earthquake last night.

Pete Domenici Jr. is running for governor.

A guy was
selling guns out of his RV at Love’s truck stop. And he was a felon.

It’s Danny Kaye’s birthday. Here he is singing “
Everything is Tickety-Boo.”

Thanks to Geoffrey Anjou for the best of today’s links.
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