The Daily Word 01.20.10: Garbage Hotel, Mafia, Gov. Martinez

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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Remember that TSA trial in Albuquerque I was talking about? After much delay, it’s happening today.

130 arrested from seven mob families in a
mafia crackdown.

This guy’s trying to learn how to speak
prairie dog.

How about an extra year to decide about college without losing your
lotto scholarship?

Only 70 percent of the population can see
3D movies.

What was served at the
“quintessentially American” dinner honoring Chinese President Hu Jintao?

National Republicans may be considering Gov. Martinez for bigger things.

UNM Regent Jack Fortner is sure the governor will
reappoint him. Did the $40,000 he donated to her campaign help?

Michelle Obama teams up
with Wal-Mart on her healthy food campaign.

hotel made of garbage! What will the Spanish think of next?

The ladies of
death row. (Not the record label.) Wait, why is this a story?
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