The Daily Word 01.22.09

Erin Adair-Hodges
1 min read
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Caroline Kennedy withdraws her name for consideration for Sec. Clinton’s Senate seat.

Oh yeah;
Clinton gets confirmed as Secretary of State.

Oscar nominations are out. Various people rewarded for period costume wearing, shrieking.

Men involved in Chinese tainted milk scandal get death penalty.

New Mexico forks over $16 million in collateral in Gov. Richardson’s probe.

Biden’s a real yuckster, Obama not amused.

“Lost” returned last night. As I am waiting to watch it on iTunes, no one talk about it.

If you’re on the Rail Runner,
don’t take pics of the pueblos.

Sex and the City stars are totally down for sequel.

Chief Justice Roberts
re-swears in President Obama.

Two men in ocean survive 25 days in ice box.

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