The Daily Word 01.23.11: Jack Lalanne Died, Domodedovo Bombing And Oprah’s Secret Sister.

Nick Brown
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Jack LaLanne died at 96.

Wizard Magazine is shutting down.

A suicide bombing ripped apart Russia’s
Domodedovo airport.

Lucky the
biting monkey escaped.

Two died in a deadly
Wal-Mart shooting.

Try the new line of
marijuana soft drinks.

How do magnets work?

Damn light effects” photo caused a stir last week.

Keanu says they’re going to make
Matrix 4 and 5 sequels.

A learned professor thinks
Gomez shouldn’t sleep in the bed with me. Other professors discuss dinosaurs in the Bible.

A man shot a
chupacabra, kind of.

Oprah has a secret sister and I don’t care, don’t care, don’t care.

Italian scientists claim to have
cold fusion figured out.

Giant crawdads were discovered in Tennessee.

Renaldo Hernandez was gunned down in a fit of jealous rage.

A six-year-old boy
got to meet Darren White after saving his mother’s life.

Happy birthday
Neil Diamond.
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