The Daily Word 01.31.11: Winter Weather, John Barry Dies, Fox Eats Carrots.

Nick Brown
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Chicago braces for a massive snowstorm.

Bond music composer
John Barry died.

Here are the
SAG Award winners.

Chimps mourn their dead. Poor little monkey.

Somebody somebody new
Superman something.

There’s a
downside to rhythm.

Meet 99-year-old best-selling poet
Toyo Shibata.

Nabokov was a
butterfly expert.

Hero of Alexandria: the world’s
greatest inventor.

Here is a
fox eating carrots.

Every state is bad at something. What’s New Mexico bad at? That’s stupid.

Say hello to the
socially awkward penguin.

First Community Bank opens up this week as U.S. Bank.

Albuquerque is in for some more
winter weather.

carjacking victim lied to the police, apparently hoping it would make them try harder.

Happy birthday,
Phillip Glass. Uh oh, don’t watch it stoned, the comments say.

Thanks to Anjou and Nayder for the helpful links.
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