The Daily Word 02.02.09

Nick Brown
1 min read
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The Steelers win a nail-biting Super Bowl.

Watch the top Super Bowl
commercials. I thought the Doritos crystal ball one was pretty good.

Apparently, they always
lip-sync the national anthem.

groundhog saw his shadow.

Michael Phelps photographed taking a
bong hit.

Drug charges against
Obama’s half-brother in Kenya were dropped.

A volcano erupted near
Tokyo. Is Alaska next?

India is producing a $10 laptop and a $2,000 car.

Whitey’s Chili has
rocks in it.

Joni Weed accused of giving her daughter

Save the
prairie dogs.

War Zone residents want to
rename the War Zone. I wonder if that name affects property values.

867-5309 for sale.

It’s Brent Spiner’s birthday. He played
Data on Star Trek TNG.
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