The Daily Word 02.06.09

Nick Brown
1 min read
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The pirates are at it again.

Read about the teacher who got slipped some

A history of
stop-motion animation.

Putin denies going to
ABBA concert.

Buffalo Springfield drummer
Dewey Martin dies at 68. RIP, scary little skin banger.

Our new blood-thinning drug made from the milk of
mutant goats.

Source of the Manhattan
“sweet smell” revealed.

British eye/brain disorder causes

Lauren “I seem to have forgotten my wallet” Coleman would like to tell you about the
Red Dwarf. Take heed.

More on the woman who gave birth to a
litter of human babies.

Unemployment continues to rise even as employment falls.

USA’s position on
torture becomes even less clear.

Jessica Simpson
forgets lyrics, but remembers earrings.

Desert Divas ringleader pleads

Oh, bury me not with a
cell phone.

attacked by pit bulls in Placitas.

Val Kilmer won’t return Alibi’s phone calls.

It’s a very special person’s birthday today and his initials are RA. Here’s another
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