The Daily Word 02.07.11: Packers, Huffington Post, Darth Vader And Escape From Handcuffs.

Nick Brown
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The Packers beat the Steelers in Superbowl XLV.

Black Eyed Peas were terrible at half time. It seemed like even they were wondering what they were doing out there.

Darth Vader VW commercial was great. If you liked it, don’t wreck it by seeing the kid under the mask.

Children’s author
Brian Jaques died at 71.

Shannon Tavarez died at age 11. She played Nala in The Lion King on Broadway.

35 animals froze to death in a
Mexican zoo.

Gibbons have dialects.

Shrinking brains might be making us smarter.

360-degree photo of the sun reveals it is spherical.

Can you
escape from handcuffs?

AOL is buying the Huffington Post.


Naomi Campbell’s interview with Vladimir Putin.

Now you can purchase a replica of
Twilight Zone’s Talky Tina Doll. Here’s a Talky Tina primer if you’re confused.

Learn about
Guilllermo del Toro’s monsters.

In New York, there is a
cool place run by a cool guy. Does Albuquerque have any places like that?

Astorga can get the death penalty.

A woman tasted a
semen-tainted yogurt sample at Sunflower Market.

Immigrant Day of Action march is today.

Alexis has some more local stories over at DCF.

Happy birthday,
Chris Rock.

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