The Daily Word 02.08.08

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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Our ballots still haven’t been counted.

Obama-Clinton race may come down to
12 New Mexican superdelegates. (Superdelegates are allowed to vote however they like and don’t pledge their vote based on caucus results.)

Domestic partnership bill may be killed by the state Legislature.

Man uses grandma as a
human shield.

UNM paid out
343k in bonuses to athletic staffers last year.

But the university is also bringing back

Writers may go
back to work Monday.

Bush tries to
support McCain without mentioning McCain.

First Amendment protects
Internet trolls, too.

New York promoter says indie rockers
don’t have fun at shows.

Link discovered between
diet soda and metabolic syndrome.

Scotland Yard reports on
Bhutto’s death, dousing that fire with gas.
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