The Daily Word 02.09.09

Nick Brown
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A Polish engineer is beheaded in Pakistan.

Guitar Hero World Record has been set.

Here’s a list of
Grammy Winners. I saw some of it. Radiohead was cool. Almost everything else gave me the willies.

Rihanna and her boyfriend Chris Brown couldn’t perform at the Grammy Awards because he was arrested for beating her up and
I don’t even know who these people are, really.

Global warming (or possibly all the talk about global warming?) is making some people go
crazy. It’s not making Al Gore go crazy, though.

A face tumor the size of a

Here’s an article on
synesthesia. Why’s the guy sitting in a helicopter? I smell fresh-baked rolls whenever I see a helicopter.

A plane
smashed near Puerto Rico last night.

There’s an
underwater stone circle in Lake Michigan and one of the stones has a wooly mammoth petroglyph.

Montauk Monster was a dead racoon and the fairy picture I posted a couple months ago was a bird.

hiking in Switzerland.

APD shot and killed a man; his friend got away.

Louie Maldonado was
beaten to death behind a Blake’s Lota Burger.

prescribed burn is set for the East Mountains today. I sure hope they know what they’re doing; it seems a little windy to me.

The Killer Inside Me will be filmed in New Mexico giving Jessica Alba another chance to sample our fine cuisine. See you at Applebee’s!

Coronado Mall hits dark times.

It’s Brian Donlevy’s birthday. Here he is in “
The Creeping Unknown.”

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