The Daily Word 02.10.11: Mubarak, Chris Lee, Divorce, Sex

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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Egypt’s leader may quit tonight.

The first
officer-involved shooting of 2011.

Man arrested in connection with nasty
semen/yogurt crime. DNA evidence cracked the case.

Gov. Martinez says maybe the
legislative session should end early.

Meet Compton’s
cricket team.

Unemployment claims dropped sharply last month.

With a better economy, more people are getting

Gawker alleges a GOP Congressman Chris Lee flirted on Craigslist, and his career is
over in an afternoon. The Internet sure is fast.

Israeli woman gives birth in Palestinian hospital.
Palestinian president sends her a handwritten note of congratulations and orders the hospital not to charge her.

Teenage suicide bomber in Pakistan.

More young people are having
strokes in America.

Gene therapy can control
sex and violence.

Blah blah blah. Sex and the city.
It’s hard to date in New York.

fake orgasms, too.
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