The Daily Word 02.15.08

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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Six students dead, 15 wounded after a gunman opens fire on a lecture hall at Northern Illinois University.

Bosque fire near Isleta Blvd. contained.

Red-light camera program halted by Mayor Chavez after the Legislature tried to snake the fines from the city.

Tagger caught
red-handed and red-shoed.

Governor beckons legislators back to deal with
health care. He sounds pissed.

Weighty superdelegate shifts
from Clinton to Obama, potentially bringing others with him.

Out-of-control, school-bus-sized spy satelite. For real. Navy’s going to
shoot it down.


Someone places the first order for the
cloning of a pet. Booger never dies.

Check these
eyeball stickers that go on your eyelids.
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