The Daily Word 02.16.09

Nick Brown
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The Japanese made a rape video game.

“Cut off my hand once,
shame on me…”

Awesome new tattoo can
monitor blood sugar.

A little girl starved to death rather than go to the

A Muslim businessman in New York is charged with
beheading his wife.

An Indianna satanist
bit a nine-year-old boy.

Former astronaut Harrison Schmitt cries bullshit on
global warming.

Dr. Alan Boss speculates that every sun-like star in our galaxy has at least one
earth-like planet. On Star Trek they liked to call them “Type M” planets.

More from the
multiple-baby mad doctor.

13-year-old father will have to grow up fast. Is this even real? Of course it is. It was on the internet.

When subs collide: French and British submarines experience an
underwater fender-bender.

Finally: a pill that grows your
eyelashes longer.

CT scanner reveals a
3,000-year-old mummy’s face. I thought it looked like Shia LaBeouf, but that was a Netflix ad.

A loose
pig was hit by traffic at I-25 and Comanche.

The investigation of
Desert Divas’ clients continues.

It’s LeVar Burton’s birthday. Here he is as Star Trek TNG’s
Geordie walking in on Data having sex with a Borg.

As always, thanks to Robert Masterson and Geoffrey Anjou for the links.
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