The Daily Word 02.21.11: Tripoli, Alan Rickman And Bow Nessie.

Nick Brown
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Muammar Gaddafi has fled protests in Tripoli.

China, on the other hand, will not stand for protests.

It’s time to worry about
space weather.

Music executive Steve Stoute ran a full page newspaper ad
complaining about the Grammies.

Speaking of which, some people
don’t know who Arcade Fire even is.

dress like pandas and play with baby pandas.

Mystery of the
synchronized fish dance.

Here are ten delicious
science fiction foods.

Here are some science fact
fat-fighting desserts.

15-year-old Jake experienced
time travel.

Beware the
killer Australian birds.

Hey, come at me like you’re going to attack me so I can show you my new
wrist lock.

There’s a place in France where the naked ladies dance through a
creepy underground city for thousands of years.

Brace yourself for some mushy
Kurt Vonnegut quotes. He loves you, damn it!

Kayakers snapped a picture of the
Windermere Monster.

Spiderman and Batman, news news news.

Heinrich is considering running for Bingaman’s senate seat.

Christopher Torres let his crazy flag fly in Garcia’s restaurant.

Steve Terrell gives a mid-term report on this
legislative session.

Plastic surgeon
Daniel Ronel died in a car smash near Algodones.

Yale Blvd. is going to be closed for a month.

Happy birthday,
Alan Rickman. Happy birthday, Blanket.
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