The Daily Word 02.23.09

Nick Brown
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Slumdog Millionaire wins big at the Oscars. Hugh Jackman danced around so much I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to take him seriously as Van Helsing again. (That’s a joke.)

giant rat is caught in China.

A bird thought to be extinct is
photgraphed and eaten.

The man who drove the rig that killed former Alibi Staffer Greg Medara and his wife Lauda
may be headed to prison.

Crazy eyes
cupcake trance dog.

Nazi mass-murderer
Ivan the Terrible will be tried in Munich.

Scientists may have found a
universal flu vaccine.

paternity denied.

A family of
Siberian Yetis is found living in a network of mountain caves.

newspaper bankruptcy.

Faulty data exaggerated the extent of arctic ice-melt.

Evil judges took bribes to
put teens in jail.

A Sunday morning
shooting at Wellesley and Candelaria.

ignition interlocks can take pictures.

Guess what was inside a
suspicious package outside Albuquerque Acadamy’s music department.

A girl
ditched school and got raped. So listen to your mother.

It’s Peter Fonda’s birthday. Here he is smoking pot with Jack Nicholson in
Easy Rider.
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