The Daily Word 03.30.09

Nick Brown
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Here’s more about the snuggily warm Snuggie. (I brought mine to work today, too!)

Here’s a list of things to do when you’re
unemployed. I agree with Molly: number four is the best.

Ben Radford chimes in about a new scary movie.

Google Street View snapped a picture of a Victorian
ghost. And, speaking of ghost photos

Christopher Nolan’s
brother was arrested (and not for drugs). Christopher Nolan directed The Dark Knight . His brother is the Joker.

Lucky the goldfish
died. Lamentably. I don’t think mom loved lucky.

Six are dead in a Santa Clara home
shooting. Another family-style murder-suicide episode. Then, eight were shot in a North Carolina nursing home.

Daddy, where do
babies come from?

A man was speared through the head, but it missed the area where
critical thought takes place, so he can still work at Lowe’s.

Strange lights appear in the sky…”

What’s with all the
Manson press, lately?

North Korea is going to send us a
love letter.

All teens should be tested for
depression. “Hey, we found a cheerleader who isn’t depressed!” What a tremendous waste of time.

A toddler was
caught falling from a third-story window. She reportedly “wanted to do it again.” (I made that second part up).

teens are on the run in ABQ.

There was a
dead body at Tingley Beach, but authorities say it wasn’t a murdered dead body.

A chihuahua was
killed by another dog. Lamentably.

It’s Eric Clapton’s birthday. Watch him
shred! (Warning: the Clapton people keep taking this down off youtube, so get it while it’s hot.)

Many thanks to Geoffrey Anjou, Magus Landru and Tom Nayder for some of today’s fine links.
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