The Daily Word 04.06.09

Nick Brown
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Spanking is good for couples.

Snuggie vs. Slanket vs. Freedom Blanket vs. Blankoat.

earthquake hits Italy.

25 ads from science fiction movies.

The Room the worst movie ever made? Many think so.

The ultimate
bed-jumping blog.

From the Shadows has a yeti story this time. (It’s one of my favorite spooky sites.)

We saw the Victorian ghost last week. Now, here are
23 other weird things on Google Street View.

Read about a
130-year-old woman in Kazakhstan.

Farah Fawcett has been hospitalized.

Introducing the Japanese
child robot.

Read about the giant
pillow fight.

Five children are dead in a Washington trailer park

Scientists discover why
scratching helps itching.

There were
Country Music Awards? Why was I not told?

A tree blew down in Albuquerque and there was a
bee hive under it.

wind killed a man in Clovis.

Bill Richardson signed a bill that caps
red light camera fines at $100 and gives half the money to the state.

I’m moving to Vermont for the
salamander migrations.

Star Trek
coffins are cool.

A former Miss New Mexico is charged with
DWI. I say it’s a lie and I’m behind you all the way, Raelene.

It’s Frank Black’s (Charles Thompson’s) birthday. Here he is with the Pixies doing “
My Veloria.”

Thanks to Geoffrey Anjou, Tom Nayder and Christine Huffman for some of today’s fine links.

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