The Daily Word 05.08.07

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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New Mexico Supreme Court to decide the fate of mom facing child-abuse charges due to her cocaine use while pregnant.

Police chief says the red-light camera chatter will run its course. The City Council is considering tweaks to the program.

One of the acids poisoning pet chow might have been added by manufacturers to bloat the food’s protein count. Dirty.

MySpace might buy PhotoBucket.

LAPD broke out the batons and rubber bullets at an immigration rights protest last week. One top copper got demoted, another reassigned.

Virginia Tech shooter didn’t get court-ordered treatment less than two years ago after a judge declared him dangerously mentally ill.

Europe wants Wolfowitz out of his job at the World Bank. They’ll let us pick the next dude, if the gray-faced Wolfy splits pronto.

Find out about the guy who dared to sentence mondo-celeb Paris Hilton to jail time.

This man found his wallet after 55 years. He’s still looking for his car keys though. Ba dum bum.
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