The Daily Word 05.10.07

Steven Robert Allen
1 min read
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The enduring snowpack in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado is good news for our reservoirs.

Bill Richardson is raking in a ton of campaign contributions from his own cabinet and state employees.

He probably spent some of that money on a funny new campaign commercial which you can view here. Brilliant!

A tiny, decrepit town in Southwestern New Mexico has been reborn as a training ground for anti-terrorist units.

More evidence that if you own a Hummer, you’re an idiot.

Due to a lightning storm, almost 1,500 people in and around Cuba haven’t had phone service since Sunday.

A soldier from Sandia Park was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq last Sunday.

Republicans finally talk sense to Bush. Heather Wilson was not one of them.

To her credit, Wilson is, however, once again trying to prevent federal cuts to two Albuquerque health clinics serving Native Americans living off reservations.
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