The Daily Word 05.11.09

Top News Stories From Albuquerque And Beyond!

Nick Brown
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Bigfoot was seen by train passengers on the Durango-Silverton train. That was six years ago, sure, but now a Bigfoot Museum is opening in Silverton, CO.

mad scientists you need to know about.

Mystery worms invade China.

A U.S. soldier freaked out into
murder-suicide in Baghdad.

Maryland wants to test
cell phone jamming.

Boy George looks like Donald Pleasance but was released early from prison.

Ghost experts come to New Mexico.

A man accidentally
killed his wife with a chainsaw.

Obama will be in Rio Rancho on Thursday. Here’s where you apply for tickets.

Schott Solar opens in Mesa del Sol today.

Cherry Hills Library Pokemon Card Club is driven by age discrimination.

A cop car was
smashed by a train in Valencia County – just like in the movies.

The Santa Fe Sheriff’s Department has identified a
decomposing body.

Soldier Fire is 10% contained in the Pecos.

It’s Doug McClure’s birthday. Here he is in
At the Earth’s Core. (Ok, I picked a clip that was mostly a monster fight, but they show him.)
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