The Daily Word 05.22.07

Amy Dalness
1 min read
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U.S. academic held in Iran on accusations of plotting a "soft revolution." Creepy.

The HEART Ordinance in practice.

Is the immigration deal a "large-scale get-out-of-jail-free pass" or "strong, realistic and fair"? Our Sen. Bingaman steps with an amendment to cut the guest worker program in half.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg says "we’re not green enough" and has ordered all city taxi cabs to be hybrids by 2012. In other auto-efficiency news, gas is nearly $5 a gallon in parts of California.

After more than three years on Mars, a broken wheel on the NASA rover Spirit helps it finds evidence of water in the form of silica. Yea for accidental discoveries!

More on the grade change at Rio Grande High School.

Wi-Fi could give you cancer? Sure, it
could … but there’s no proof it will .

The karma files: An indebted women found a $10 bill then bought a million-dollar scratcher.
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