The Daily Word 05.25.09

Nick Brown
2 min read
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There are traces of cocaine in German Red Bull.

In NYC, a small
bomb outside Starbucks exploded.

Bigfoot uses language. Leprechauns do not.

In France,
Scientologists face fraud charges.

Iranian Navy is on the loose in international waters.

Miniature cows explain how Costco makes those miniature cheeses.

Ten crazy
cryptid discoveries of 2008.

Most people have heard that Komodo Dragon bites are deadly due to bacteria and rotting flesh in their mouths. Not true.
Komodo Dragons are venomous.

Jay Bennett of Wilco dies. RIP, Scary little…

North Korea conducted nuclear tests.

KFC’s Grilled Chicken is a success.

They’re going to make a
Twitter reality show. Oh, goody.

An Albuquerque
teen broke into a funeral home for unknown reasons.

deadly I-25 car smash leaves one dead.

A double murder suspect
turned himself in to Los Alamos police. Deputy Fife was beside himself.

There was a
stabbing at Copper and Rhode Island last night. Also, my house got egged on Saturday night. Police are searching for suspects in both crimes, which they believe to be unrelated.

A man in a
gorilla suit steals bananas. I was going to do that.

It’s Anne Heche’s birthday. Here, she speaks of

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