The Daily Word 05.28.07

Amy Dalness
1 min read
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The Tribune remembers local heroes on this Memorial Day.

Contact lens solution, "Complete MoisturePlus," is linked to a rare but serious eye infection.

The U.S. and Iran sit down to formal talks for the first time in 27 years. WTF? 27 years?
And the U.S. won’t discuss Iran’s nuclear program? The leaders of our country are such posers—they shit talk Iran behind her back, but never just accuse her to her face.

Climate monitoring from the moon—just one step closer to colonization.

The first transgender mayor in the UK was sworn in last Thursday.

Food stamps are good for New Mexico.

The Department of Homeland Security is fighting terrorism? Maybe not.

Huge rats in Florida—and I’m not talking about Disneyworld.

Celebrity "News": What’s with starlets and DUIs?
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