The Daily Word, 05/31/07

Steven Robert Allen
1 min read
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Potential candidates for Martin Heinrich’s city council seat are starting to scurry out of the woodpile.

APS slaps a Bandaid on a wound that doesn’t exist by creating a district-wide system for notifying parents when their kids are failing.

An Albuquerque resident who’s been arrested 27 times for drunk driving, with at least 14 convictions, pleads not guilty to his 28
th arrest.

The Mayor wants Albuquerque to offer free wireless Internet for all. Let them eat wireless!

Not everyone thinks the plan is either fair or workable.

Bill Richardson, along with almost all the Democractic presidential contenders, is ducking out of a debate sponsored by the Fox News Channel.

That might be a good thing, because he’s still getting beaten up for his pitiful performance last Sunday on “Meet the Press.”

More allegations of CIA torture, this time with the aid of a private American company.

In case you haven’t noticed, the economy sucks.
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