The Daily Word, 06.07.07

Steven Robert Allen
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A 23-year-old soldier from Albuquerque, who dreamed of one day becoming president, has been killed in Baghdad.

Wolves get kicked out of the Gila.

No brainer: Richardson agrees to take part in Spanish-language presidential debate. Can any of his opponents even speak Spanish?

Speaking of Richardson, here’s a picture of him with an oryx.

New Mexico finally makes it to the top of a list … for accidental deaths. All right! Nice work, people.

Yesterday, Miss New Mexico 2006 spoke out on identity theft at a meeting of Republican Women of Otero County at Pepper’s Grill in Alamogordo.

A proposal making its way through Congress would hack hundreds of millions of dollars from the budgets of New Mexico labs.

Bedbugs make a comeback.

Earlier this week, the
Los Angeles Times printed this helpful comparison between the Hilton in Paris and Paris Hilton’s accomodations at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Los Angeles County.

Sadly, it seems the world’s most annoying celebrity has already been released from prison. What the …? I feel cheated.
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