The Daily Word 06.19.07

Amy Dalness
1 min read
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A "beefy" urban climber is charged with stealing a frozen dinner.

Six-way talks with North Korea about its nuclear program could start up again as soon as next month.

Bush’s signing statements: Law or not?

NYC Mayor Bloomberg plans to pay low-income residents for responsible behavior. Hum …

Aging computer parts could mean trouble for the space program.

One Albuquerque Marine experiences the psychological tolls of war.

Thomas and Friends wooden railway toys are recalled due to lead paint. For more consumer news, check out this site.

The City Council’s override of Mayor Chavez’s vetoes "hilarious," says Councilor Sally Mayer. It’s all about tax relief.

The empty Tino Griego Pool in Santa Fe might be turned into a training center for underwater filming. (I learned how to swim in that pool—
sniff )

And in sports: Tiger Woods is a daddy!

The Smoking Gun’s tribute to mug shot hair.
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