The Daily Word, 06.21.07

Steven Robert Allen
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A teacher whose grade was changed so a senior high school student could graduate speaks out for the first time.

After a state investigation sides with the teacher in the fiasco, APS still refuses to admit it screwed up.

Journal acquires e-mails from the student’s parents showing they pushed hard to get administrators to change failing grade. (to view article, you have to watch a short online ad)

Guy stopped with marijuana plants near Alamogordo tells Border Patrol agents he thought dope was legal in New Mexico.

Three possible designs have been selected for the new Spaceport. Where are the pictures?

Udall does his best, but Los Alamos National Labs is still probably going to suffer from deep budget cuts.

Bill goes negative, which is a good thing because only an idiot would follow a pledge to stay positive when he’s that far behind in the polls.

Albuquerque is one of the cities that will get a sneak preview of
Sicko on Saturday, June 23. The film will screen at Century Rio 24.

Puppy rescued in Livonia.
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