The Daily Word 06.22.07

Marisa Demarco
1 min read
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Councilor Ken Sanchez wants the mayor to come up with ideas for allowing smoking at Isotopes Park and the airport. Take that, executive order. (Warning: Journal story, will require the viewing of annoying sports writer commercial).

High-tech virtual border fence not going so well.

Cheney says VP’s office not
exactly part of the executive branch.

Eldest children have higher IQs, according to Norwegian researchers. Maybe firstborns are just better at taking IQ tests?

Take note TV showmakers: These Kenyan dudes are part Mafia, part Chicago street gang and part devil worshipping occult.

Or, even better. Domestic spying, kidnapping, assassination attempts, infiltration of leftist groups—the CIA will release pages and pages of dirty laundry that goes back decades.

Read up on how you can help ensure open government.

Doctors want hardcore gaming given a formal diagnosis and classified as an addiction.

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