The Daily Word 06.22.09

Nick Brown
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The Daily Word 06.22.09
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Dogs smell diabetes.

Iranian police use
tear gas on protesters.

Chris Brown’s hearing is today. He’s that guy that beat up that Rihanna. They are entertainers.

A man sang an Eminem song while
stabbing his family. Well, talked an Eminem song. You know.

Phoenix is having the
coolest summer in a century.

There’s good news for those of us who imagine we are suffering from
liver cancer.

France doesn’t like burqas.

Mama takes that
Kodachrome away.

A couple on horseback found a
human foot in Valencia County.

The Dodgers’ Manny Ramirez will begin playing for the
Isotopes tomorrow.

There are arrests and suspects in Saturday’s deadly
Denny’s robbery.

The border fence can’t even block

Apser Court is ranked 2nd in a national Battle of the Bands.

It’s H. Ryder Haggard’s birthday. Here’s the trailer for the 1950 version of
King Solomon’s Mines.
The Daily Word 06.22.09

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