The Daily Word, 06.28.07

Steven Robert Allen
1 min read
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The pregnant wife of the Los Lunas soldier who died last weekend in Iraq just had her car stolen. A fund has been started for this poor woman. You can donate to it by calling the sheriff’s office at (505) 768-4100.

Another New Mexico soldier dies in Iraq, this time from the unbearable heat.

Do we really need more armed cops at Albuquerque high schools? The Community Safety Commission thinks so.

Louisiana will ban cock fighting in 2008, the last state to do so.

Gas prices are dropping everywhere except in New Mexico. Our AG wants to know why.

Our senators are pushing for a settlement to a major water dispute between the Navajo Nation and the state of New Mexico.

On Sunday, medical marijuana becomes a reality in New Mexico.

Ann Coulter is still an evil genius.

A firearms instructor accidentally shoots fellow firearms instructor.
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