The Daily Word 07.03.07

Amy Dalness
1 min read
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PNM CEO rides a Segway. How cute.

Arizona does something to stop illegal immigration that doesn’t require a fence.

Can we go too far to achieve racial diversity? Five of 4 Supreme Court justices think so.

Leahy threatens the White House with criminal contempt of Congress charges if the administration doesn’t hand over documents on the firing of federal prosecutors.

Security’s tight this holiday week. Happy Independence Day!

Great headline: "Happy Birthday, FOIA! You Suck."

Want an iPhone? How about an iFake? (Damn, I crack myself up!) Or why not buy a real one, then smash it to bits?

Harry Potter 7 Countdown: 18 days.

You, too, could buy Dracula’s castle … for $135 million.

Weather: Still hot.
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