The Daily Word 07.05.10: Mad Mel Gibson, Iranian Robots And Princess Di Hair Jam

Nick Brown
2 min read
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Who has the biggest July 4th fireworks displays?

Read the racist rantings of
Mad Mel.

Iranian robot is to be used “on behalf of a person or as help." Meanwhile, the Americans made a baby seal robot that acts like it loves you. Death to the weak and stupid Americans!

Morning people are difficult to tolerate, and waffles don’t have blades.

Somali Pirates strike again.

A lumpy-faced felon fights the
alien invasion.

In Amsterdam, there’s a
forest in a box.

Deadly horses completely fucked a parade in Iowa by killing people.

Read this awesome story of the real
Pied Piper courtesty of Geoffrey Anjou.

Deutsche Raucher sind mit Plänen für Oktoberfest frustriert.

South African police
thought Paris Hilton was stoned, but she was just being normal.

My new shirt.

Delicious jam was made with
Princess Diana’s hair.

Follow Bigfoot both in the woods and on Twitter.

Other than Dracula, what were some of
Christopher Lee’s greatest roles?

Look at this cool
“handsome guy” mask.

vampire made a Colorado woman smash her car.

Closer to home, an
I-40 car smash killed three.

Mayor Berry cut wages for police and firefighters.

Two Albuquerque
babies left in a hot van for two hours are ok.

It’s Huey Lewis’ birthday.
Here’s Christian Bale talking about him.
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