The Daily Word 07.06.09

Nick Brown
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There’s a serial killer in South Carolina.

Jackson’s brain has been removed, and he will be buried without it. Meanwhile, his restless soul haunting the Neverland Ranch has been captured on video.

Walt Disney World’s
monorail crashed, killing an employee.

Now that it’s too late, there are going to be
co-ed dorm rooms.

140 are dead in
Chinese riots.

The champion eats
68 hotdogs in ten minutes.

Costa Rica has edged out Denmark, Disneyland and Wal-Mart as the
Happiest Place on Earth.

Bigfoot has been spotted in Hartford, Illinois.

Read about
knife blades in energy drinks.

cops blocked off Zuni as part of a crime scene.

house in Nob Hill is being sold by raffle; tickets are $100.

The cops never found my neighbors who were setting off
illegal fireworks Saturday night.

A five-year-old
girl was driving a truck on the West Side.

It’s Sylvester Stallone’s birthday. Here he is
endorsing John McCain for president.
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